Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Faeries and teddy bear dreams

Hello everyone! I want to apologize for being away from this blog for many months. Real life events and health problems have prevented me from blogging. I want to share with you some of  my sweet miniature faeries and miniature bears. Hope you love them as much as I love collecting them.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hello everyone! this is my interpretation of the tea party from the movie "Alice in Wonderland"I had trouble with this new template for blogger. I finally manage to upload some pictures. I started the garden many years ago, before I saw the movie. I collected these dolls from various talented artisans. The Mad hare and butler frog were my first character dolls made for this tea party. They were made by the talented Roxanne Fern. The Mad Hatter , Alice and the dorm mouse were made by another talented doll artisan Susan Marti and the adorable white rabbit and the Cheshire cat were made by another talented artist Anna Vanover. The food in table were made by Betsy Niederer; Kim Saulter; Roxanne Fern and Lola Renner. The china is by Stokesay ware and Marsha Hedrick. The white queen was made by an English artist by I do not know her name. All roses in the garden were made by Carol Wagner; Era Pierce made the wisteria vine; other flowers by Yukari and Laura Settle. The animals and bird houses were made by Mary McGrath. The rabbit hedge and peacock hedge were made by Wilhelmina. I also made some flowers from kits and the entire fish pond. I hope you like it.
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