Saturday, March 6, 2010


Welcome to the Easter tea party! join the girls for tea and sweets. Easter is one of my favorites holidays and I had lots of fun putting this mini party together. I hope you enjoy this Easter scene. All the little girls were made by Bonnie Justice. Grandmother Antonia was made by Cynthia Howe. The chandeliers were made by Jason Getzan. The wonderful table with tea and sweets was made by Betsy Niederer. The china was made by Marsha Hedrick. I am sorry that some of my pictures are not that sharp. I need a better camera.

The little darlings have a sweet tooth!

Toys on shelf made by various artisans, Easter basket by Lola Renner.

cakes and candy by Betsy Niederer

lovely pink cakes and chocolate...

Grandma enjoys chocolates too...

All these goodies below and pictures are made by Betsy Niederer.

A closeup of the table....

I love this table and everything 0n it!

A delicious chocolate bunny

and tiny lollipops!

Happy Easter to everyone! Felices pascuas a todos!


  1. This is Fantastic! Just beautiful - I love your blog :-)

  2. Trabajos Exquisitos, todo realmente bellisimo. Mis felicitaciones

  3. Lovely Marisa. So so wonderful. I love all your Bonnie dolls and those wonderful tea cup chandeliers. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. You have such a beautiful collection. Hugs~ Kim

  4. Todo chulisimo, y muy muy bien hecho, mis reconocimientos, eres una artista de las grandes,

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog Marisa. :)

    This is quite delightful.

    I am most taken with the first chandelier, it looks like it's been made from a chocolate pot and teacups and saucers. It's divine!!

  6. Preciosa la fiesta de Pascua, me encantan todos los detalles, un trabajo genial. Besos

  7. Your Easter room is so precious, and the tea party chandelier is Beautiful! What treasures you have.

  8. Es la escena mas dulce que he visto nunca, todos los detalles son una maravilla!!!
    Las lamparas son preciosas y muy originales, las muñecas me encantan y la disposicion de la escena genial!!!!
    Enhorabuena por el trabajo.
    besitos ascension

  9. You have a gorgeous collection of miniatures and a delicious selection of edibles here! I absolutely adore the chandelier. Is it my imagination or is the chandelier in the scene different? It looks like the cups are multi-coloured?

    Happy Easter to you!

  10. Hi Lize, there are 2 chandeliers in the room. If you click on the picture of the whole room it will make it bigger and you will see the 2 chandeliers. One has pink teacups and chocolate pot and the other has different teacups with different colors and no chocolate pot. Happy Easter and thanks for the visit and nice comment.

  11. Can I ask where you purchased the chandeliers?

    You can email me if you like. Thanks!